A Guide from the Tabernacle of Moses to the Heart of Man

The Brazen Laver – Part 3

Aaron could not help but rejoice every time he remembered how he was baptized in the Holy Spirit. What joy filled his soul! He now had power over his own sin and was becoming holy, as the Lord is holy. Also, he felt such a comfort in his little soul. In addition to these, he began to care about other people and speak the Word of God with boldness. He shared his experiences with his family and is now praying for his siblings every day that they too would come to know Jesus. He also talked to some of his friends. They thought he was strange, but some of them came back to him later so that they could learn more about his faith. Aaron is believing for their salvation, too.

Aaron learned that speaking in tongues really edifies him. When he is alone praying to the Lord, he not only talks to Him in his native tongue, but also in his heavenly language. He learned that as he speaks and rises up in the Spirit, the language changes and becomes more and more beautiful. One time he listened to the beauty of the tongues so much that he forgot to focus on the Lord and the Lord had to remind him to look to Him.

Aaron prayed for everybody and everything! Sometimes he would just praise the Lord. Other times he would weep before the Lord for the lost souls or people who were in a lot of suffering. Sometimes he would even wake up in the middle of the night praying to the Lord. He really enjoyed God’s presence in his life and was looking forward to the next visitation. He knew that this time the Lord was going to talk to him about the third dimension of baptism and he could hardly wait. Then one day the Lord came to him again…

“Aaron,” the well-known Voice woke up the young boy from his sleep. “I am here to tell you about the third dimension of the second mystery in the Tabernacle of Moses.”

Aaron’s heart leaped with joy – the Lord was here! “Lord,” Aaron exclaimed, “I could hardly wait for You to come! I was looking forward to it so much!”

“I am glad, Aaron, that you enjoy being in My presence,” the Lord said. “There are not too many people who want Me. But I am always ready to come to the heart that desires to be with Me.” He paused for a little while and then continued, “Aaron, what do you think the third dimension of baptism could be?”

Aaron thought for a moment and then shook his head. “I don’t know, Lord,” he admited. “Could You please tell me?”

The Lord smiled at him. “I will tell you gladly, My son,” He said, “and I want you to tell others who desire to know it, too. “The third dimension always means fullness, as you already know. If the first dimension is natural and the second spiritual, then the third is the absolute fulfillment of both natural and spiritual. If you understand the water baptism, then you can easily understand what the fullness of baptism will be. When you are baptized in water, you are fully covered with water. In the baptism into Christ, you are immersed into Christ by the Holy Spirit. It means that you are fully covered over with Christ. The scripture for this is found in I Corinthians 12:13, For by one Spirit are we all baptized into one body…

“Lord,” Aaron said quietly, “I understand that I will be fully covered with Christ. I also understand that it is not man nor You baptizing but Your Holy Spirit. But what does it actually mean to be baptized into Christ?”

“It is not that difficult to figure out, My young friend,” was the Lord’s reply. “Do you know what Christ means?” “Well, Christ is a perfect man with Jesus as the head and the people who are like Him as the Body,” Aaron replied thoughtfully.

“That is exactly right. People who are like Jesus form the Body of Christ. The Holy Spirit baptizes you into the nature of Christ. When you enter from the Outer Court to the Holy Place, you enter into the nature of Christ. Thus you are baptized in Christ. The Christ nature must cover and supersede your own nature, and Christ must be the predominant factor in your being.”

“Lord,” Aaron asked, “does it mean that when the Holy Spirit baptizes me into Christ, my will will be as Your will, my emotions will be as Your emotions, my desires will be as Your desires, and my mind will be as Your mind?”

“Very good, Aaron, you understand it well,” the Lord commended him. “But you have to understand that in comparison with the baptism in water and the baptism in the Holy Spirit it is not a one minute experience. It takes time and it is a process for the Holy Spirit to baptize you into Christ. This process is not fully completed in you until you fulfill your duty at the fifth piece of furniture – the Golden Altar, which I will talk to you about later. And you have to submit to the Holy Spirit so that He can do it for you.”

“When can I then enter into the Holy Place?” Aaron asked. “Once the Holy Spirit starts working on baptizing you, you can go through the door. Are you ready for it, Aaron?”

“Yes, Lord!” Aaron said excitedly. “I want to be like You so that no ugly things will come out of me any more, neither in word nor in deed.” Then a thought came to him, “Is it going to be hard to be changed?”

The Lord nodded His head. “It is going to be very hard,” He said, “because you will have to die to all that is you. But without it you cannot continue your way through the Tabernacle and come to the destination in the Holy of Holies.”

Aaron Baptized into Christ“Well, Lord, then I want to die,” Aaron replied. “It seems that our whole walk and our whole life is about dying. But You have to help me, Lord, because I don’t think I can do it myself. Would You please?”

“I surely will help you, Aaron. You are right, life is about bearing your cross and dying. It says in Matthew 16:24, Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. But I will be with you in every situation and circumstance and will give you strength to overcome your sinful nature. Just look to Me at all times and trust Me and I will bring you to the end. Remember what the Bible says in I John 5:4, For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith. So believe Me and you will overcome.”

With these words the Lord departed, but before He did, He made sure the Holy Spirit began to baptize Aaron into Christ…

How about you, young reader? Have you given the Holy Spirit the right of way to baptize you into Christ? If not, study it, think about it, and ask the Lord for it. He will do for you the same as He did for Aaron!

Answer the following questions to see how well you understood this chapter:

1.What is the third dimension of baptism?
2.Who baptizes into Christ?
3.What does it mean to be baptized into Christ?
4.How long does it take to be baptized into Christ?
5.When can you enter into the Holy Place?

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